Rationalising branding and digital processes


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Rationalising branding and digital processes

The Client

Sponsorem is a Hungarian company specializing in electronic vouchers and non-monetary employee benefits.

Our goal is to assist companies in motivating and retaining their employees through non-monetary benefits. We help optimize tax payments and reduce administrative burdens.

To date, we have issued vouchers worth over 1 billion Hungarian forints, accepted by more than 120,000 merchants in Hungary and millions worldwide in collaboration with MasterCard.

The Task

Sponsorem entrusted Voov with the task of modernizing their branding to attract new clients and partners. In addition to refreshing the brand identity, they needed a new website and a digital record-keeping system to support their business processes.

Our Solution

After conducting background interviews and assessing the existing brand identity, we developed a strategic direction for Sponsorem's new visual identity. We redesigned the existing logo, retaining its key elements while modernizing its overall appearance.

We also refreshed the color palette and designed supplementary graphics inspired by motifs resembling copper engravings and security features found on banknotes.

In addition to creating various branding materials and designing bank cards, our work extended to the revamp of the website showcasing Sponsorem's services and products. The website now features calculators and a merchant locator tool to enhance user experience.

As part of the project, we also developed a customer portal for partners and cardholders to efficiently manage voucher balances, accessible through the website.


The completed works are always eye-catching. They work well functionally. If something does happen, they act quickly. I think the most important thing I would emphasize is that when we dreamed of something, we were able to talk to you in such a way that we understood each other throughout. I often find that developers speak a very different language than the average people who are less knowledgeable about IT, and because of this it is difficult to convey ideas to each other, there are many misunderstandings. Many misunderstandings create unnecessary stress, increase the construction time and thus make the project more expensive.

Péter Fűzér Sponsorem

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