Name change and redesign to improve market position


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Name change and redesign to improve market position

The client

uPatika.hu deals with the distribution of Uriage and Apivita cosmetics.

Uriage is a premium category, innovative brand that has been present in France for 20 years and is at the forefront of dermatological research. The Uriage cosmetics family appeared on the domestic market in 2013 and quickly became popular.

The Apivita product line was introduced in Hungary in the summer of 2018, and is a natural, premium category cosmetics that contains 85-100% natural ingredients. The company was founded in 1972 by a Greek pharmacist couple, and since then it has been successful in many parts of the world among people who like natural cosmetics.

The task

The owner of uPatika.hu contacted us about a name change and leveling up. The goal was to raise the service to a higher level and strengthen the market position by rethinking the online store. Because of the name change, a new image was also needed. In addition, the back-end system of the new site had to communicate with the Novodata pharmacy registration system.

Our solution

During the survey and research, we identified the bottlenecks that caused customer churn. By redesigning the online store, we improved the user experience, which increased user engagement and trust.

The special feature of the online store is that you can use the special search engine to find a solution to your skin problem or search for products according to your skin type. In addition to the central pharmacy software (Novodata) connection, the automated management of complex actions was a challenge.

Since the delivery of the first version, we have refined the structure and operation several times based on follow-up and customer feedback. The most recent major transformation was carried out due to the appearance of the Apivita brand on the site.


The redesign and conversion brought dynamic growth in sales and the online store. In the year after its launch, uPatika became the webshop selling the most Uriage products in the country.


They have a solution for everything. They are flexible. I couldn't ask for anything they couldn't fulfill.

Gergely Várnagyi uPatika

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