WS Find

WS Find

WS Find

Bringing online stores together for the best shopping experience


What we have done
  • Identity design
  • Icon design
  • Illustration
  • Concept development
  • Audit & Research
  • Logo design
  • Content strategy
  • Website design
  • Research
  • UX Design
  • Front-End Dev
  • Back-End development

WS Find

Bringing online stores together for the best shopping experience

The client

WS Find is a Hungarian online shopping platform that combines product comparison, online store catalogue and convenient direct shopping options in a single user-friendly interface, while providing B2B partners with a seamless profiling process and efficient marketing opportunities.

Their aim is to bring together all the existing online stores in Hungary, giving visibility to lesser known sites and their offerings.

The task

WS Find tasked us with redesigning their existing web application because the existing look and functionality did not match our business goals. They wanted to create a strong first impression and attract more partners.

Our solution

Based on a lot of research and conclusions, we set out to develop WS Find's new B2B value proposition communication. There were already several giants in the market with whom we had to compete directly, so we set out to create an image that was easy to understand, attractive and built trust.

The existing logo and branding were re-thought, the brand was given a new personality and communication was more direct.

In addition to rethinking old features, we added new ones to the app structure.

For visitors, we have created a search interface that allows them to easily find products and online stores, compare prices and products, save their favourite products for later and build collections.
For our B2B partners, we made it easy to create an online store profile and created marketing opportunities to promote your company. In addition, we developed a new communication API that is easy to use and allows them to quickly submit their products to the app.

The biggest challenge was the sheer volume and cataloging of products submitted to the application. The products displayed in the database are grouped together by the system, aggregated if the same product is available in several stores, so that the prices of the product can be easily compared.

WS Find
WS Find
WS Find
WS Find
WS Find
WS Find
WS Find
WS Find

Everything happened as planned. The joint work was smooth and great.

Gábor László WS Find

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